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Five Reasons Why You Should Book Your Maternity Photoshoot

For some expecting mothers, planning a maternity session is something they look forward to in the weeks leading up to their due date. For others, it can be a real stressor between body changes effecting confidence levels, adjustments in family dynamics, or even prioritizing the expenses of adding a new family member. As mothers, it's easy for us to come up with lots of reasons to pass up on treating ourselves in order to give more to our families but sometimes, and especially during pregnancy, mothers deserve extra attention. So here are five good reasons why you should prioritize yourself and get in the spotlight during this stage of motherhood.

Celebrate Your Motherhood Journey

Every pregnancy is a special season in your life that is worth celebrating. Soak in this brief period in motherhood and show off the happiness, excitement, and anticipation you are experiencing as you grow a new life and await their arrival. They grow up so fast, don’t miss a thing. Your opportunity to capture these images with this child only happens once.

Document this Moment in your Family’s Growth

When you first start your family together as husband and wife, you most likely have chosen to display your wedding images throughout your home. While this was of course a monumental milestone for you two as you vowed to spend your lives together, your pregnancy is monumental too! You are creating life together and walking hand in hand into parenthood! Don’t stop at just your gorgeous wedding images, display this moment of your family’s growth too! Better yet, plan on getting images that are worth displaying through every stage of your family: marriage, pregnancy, newborn and life as a family! If this isn’t your first child, including siblings in your session is a beautiful way for the whole family to share in the excitement!

Take Time to Bond with your Partner

Some of the best advice newlywed couples are given is to “Never stop dating your spouse.” Soon your time will be consumed with the duties of keeping your tiny human healthy and happy. Your free time to go out on dates together will become harder to pull off for a while. So, this is just one more excuse to enjoy the short time you have left together before your little one is demanding to be the center of attention. Make it a date! Snuggle up, get intimate, be playful, worship that growing belly and love on each other while you let me capture all of the emotions surrounding you as you enter into this new parenthood journey together. I promise, you both will have so much fun and you will relive all of the memories from your photoshoot experience every time you look at your photographs.

Great Excuse to Get Pampered!

Take advantage of that amazing pregnancy glow and get all dolled up! Even better, make a day out of it to put the stretchy pants and oversized t-shirt on the hanger and get pampered to look your best! So often in pregnancy we have days where we just don’t feel ourselves anymore. The effort it takes to curl your luscious locks versus just throwing your hair in a messy bun just isn’t worth it most days and you may miss the times before you were sharing your body when you would get through your beauty routine without a hitch. Take this time to enjoy that routine again or head to the salon so someone can handle that for you. Whether I style you in one of my luxury gowns from my client closet or you take a simple approach and show some skin, just know you are going to look stunning flaunting that baby bump and reveling in your strength and beauty. YOU ARE A MOTHER AND YOU ARE INCREDIBLE! Be so proud of yourself and your body. Reflect on what makes you a powerful mother.

Timeless Photographs Worthy of a Frame

Most of us take tons of selfies in the mirror documenting our growing bump but those aren’t exactly images we plan to put on display throughout our homes. So instead of the quick mirror selfie, I will deliver artistically curated images to you that are taken in beautiful locations. Giving you photographs you will be proud to display and look back on for years to come. One day when the child you are carrying now gets older and starts asking you about the life you had before them, you will have beautiful photographs to show them that will exemplify the value of their arrival into your lives. They will be amazed being able to see their beautiful mother carrying them so lovingly and the importance you placed on documenting the beginning of their life.

When you're ready, slide into my inbox and I'll get you on the books!

And if you're needing a few more reasons to seal the deal, no worries, I'm always happy to chat and answer any of your questions too!

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