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Recent Exhibitions


Morean Arts Center: Being Seen: The Photographic Portrait
St. Petersburg, FL


The Woman in the Mirror, 2021

Archival Pigment Print

Being Seen IG.jpg


Gallery 1202: (SELF) LOVE
Gilroy, CA


Learning to Rebloom, 2021

Archival Pigment Print

DSC_6311 copy.jpg
Social Square Graphic.jpg


JAG Gallery: Cell Phone Art Exhibit

Key West, FL


Pelicans & Poons, 2015

Digital Iphone 6 Photography of Pelicans and Tarpon waiting for fishermen to drop some scraps.


baDONKaDONK, 2019

Digital Iphone 10 Photography of a miniature donkey's ears.

Vanessa Lacy Gallery: 3rd Annual Spring Small Works Show

Kansas City, MO


Cerritos Beach, Mexico 

Panoramic digital photograph transfer onto reclaimed wood of a Pacific Coastline of Baja California Sur, Mexico.


Great Stirrup Cay, The Bahamas

Panoramic digital photograph transfer onto reclaimed wood of a Bahamian Coastline.

Spoil Island.jpg

Intracoastal Spoil Island, Clearwater, FL

Panoramic digital photograph transfer onto reclaimed wood of a Floridian island coastline.


EBD4: Loss. Redemption. Grace

Chamblee, GA

Still Life: Finley Anna & Ashley Anna

Still Life: Finley Anna & Ashley Anna 

November 26, 2018

      Using minimal manipulation, I often envision life’s scenes in black and white before capturing them. My compositions create dreamlike moods influenced by personal reflection. In the hours following the labor that led to a chaotic frenzy to try to save my first-born, I felt as though time was standing completely still. Just floating in the disbelief that this is truly the reality. On the last day of our 40th week, loved ones came and went while my husband and I mourned the completely preventable loss of our perfectly healthy daughter, Finley Anna. The health professionals we had put our trust in had failed us.  In the midst of all the shock and trauma, I found myself alone with my stillborn baby peacefully sleeping in my arms. Enduring both mental and physical agony as I snuggled her. She filled my arms perfectly, resting just above my empty, deflating, stapled abdomen that had only hours before been full of life and potential. In that private moment I finally had with my daughter, I realized no matter the lifelong pain, I never wanted to forget this feeling. A dream worth sharing, I captured the love and awe a mother feels for her child filtered with layers of grief and pain that no words can ever fully describe.

Loss, R and G_INVITE with schedule.jpg
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